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Pacific Pallet Exchange, Inc. supplies new, recycled, and re-manufactured pallets, skids, and crates for domestic use, in-house use, or export. We've been supporting business, industry, and agriculture in Northern California and the Central Valley since 1989.

Prior to 1989, Doug Schnabel had been in the transportation industry. He started Pacific Pallet Exchange to assist former trucking company customers who needed reliable, honest pallet services. The business grew rapidly and Doug hired employees and rented larger space. He continued to add employees and square footage until moving to our current location at 3315 51st Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828 in 2017.

Pacific Pallet Exchange

In 1996 Doug purchased the property and upgraded to a mostly concrete surface and an undercover work space for all employees. Through the years, the one thing that has never changed is our commitment to our customers. We know our customers pay our bills and they are entitled to our best efforts on their behalf.

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